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Example of using storify to embed user-generated content to a webpage

A great part of my job is meeting interesting people. At the recent Pixar Artists’ Masterclass event in Melbourne Australia I met Matthew Luhn, from Pixar Animation Studios.

I used Storify to capture some of the comments and photos from participants.
I could then embed the curated user-generated content to our website.
See example of story embedded into webpage
This example has content pulled from twitter, facebook, and instagram.

Photo of Margaret Ryan and Matthew Luhn at the event

Margaret Ryan and Matthew Luhn

IMDB – Matthew Luhn


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2013/04/23 at 8:28 am

Raising the profile of programs and events through social media

Presentation from ‘Social Media for the Public Sector’ conference, delivered March 2013 in Sydney Australia.

In 2009 Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts and Education started using social media to raise the profile of its programs, news and events. Margaret shares her experience of managing the Faculty’s social media over these four years; the content strategy, tools and processes, and a highlight of using social media as the only marketing for a public event attended by over 5000 participants.

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2013/04/21 at 1:48 pm

the O device at MONA

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The creative director  talks about the development of the O device  (Nic Whyte’s section starts at 26  minutes in to the Arts Participation video)

idea came first (2007) – visitors to love and hate artworks, remove wall labels, not limited to one voice/style of content

technology eventually became available that suited needs

device – knows locations of visitor and artworks, has additional information and engagement features for visitor

usability trumps everything (robust and simple, empower user)

removing wall labels allowed for gallery space to be lit and used in new ways

engagement feature brings measureability

survey: over 80% visitors said it enhanced their visit, over 70% said they preferred the O to traditional wall labels

the balance between flexibility, usability and features is always a delicate balance

Over 110 thousand visitors have saved their tour

customised experiences at gallery and online


Related link with images of the O Museum experience and new media


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2012/09/28 at 2:10 am

Museum Experience and New Media

the o

The O device at MONA

We like to know how our opinions compare to others.

Examples of some of the statements used to provide feedback to users of the O who used the voting option (using number or percentages)

  • Beautiful humans loved this artwork too
  • Other people felt good about it too
  • Humans were also aroused by this work
  • Other MONA visitors agree with you
  • Humans had similarly warm and fuzzy feelings

The O is the first system in the world designed to replace traditional artwork wall labels.

The O at Mona –

  The O at MONA

see the top right corner voting options of Love and Hate

Mona entrance in October 2011

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2011/11/02 at 11:53 am

NASA and social media

Incorporating Social Media

NASA presentation ‘Taking social media efforts out of this world’ by Stephanie Schierholz, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

See also:

The NASA Universe (slideshare channel)

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I tweet for NASA – by Stephanie L. Schierholz, Social Media Manager, NASA Headquarters

NASA, Tweetups, and Space with Stephanie Schierholz

Beyond 140 Characters: Social Media@JSC


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2011/05/28 at 3:52 am