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Tweet Stats – 4 years of data graphed

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I like free tools such as TweetStats – a tool that graphs your (or any handle’s) twitter statistics. It’s been four years since I started using twitter for @DeakinArtsEd on 24 April 2009.

Here’s some graphs provided by TweetStats about @DeakinArtsEd


Tweet stats over four years for @DeakinArtsEd
(April 2009 – April 2013)

  • Purple month = August – which features an annual campaign for recruitment – Open Days
  • August 2012 = 184 tweets
  • Average over four years:  2.9 tweets per day, 49 tweets per month

Tweet stats of @DeakinArtsEd over four years: Aggregate Daily, Hourly

Twitter HashCloud


Hashcloud for @DeakinArtsEd over four years (24 April 2009 – 24 April 2013)
Top five hashtags: #melbourne, #geelong, #arts, #education, #deakinopenday


According to TweetStats website, the tool is developed by Damon Cortesi in his spare time. I found the links across the top of the site to Trends didn’t work for me, but from the green box on the landing page, enter a twitter handle and the tool will graph the stats. From the results page, the TweetStats and TweetCloud links I found were useful:

  • For your reports
  • To recognise trends of when you do and do not tweet (there’s more graph reports from the tool than appear here – such as ‘Your Tweet Density’)
  • To get a summary of other successful handle’s stats (or your competitor’s)

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